The Enneagram

"In order to know the part, one must know the whole."
P. D. Ouspensky

Advanced Enneagram Workbook,
Sojourner Pass Press, 1992

There is an old spiritual adage that mankind confuses the part with the whole.  Nowhere in the modern Fourth Way/Work movement is there any better example of this principle than in the explosion of the information concerning personality types contained within the Enneagram.

From an objective point of view, taking everything that has ever been published or written on the subject from Claudio Naranjo to Don Richard Riso (collectively) would not add up to much more than 10 % of 1% of what is already known about this ancient symbol.

While it is true that the release of even this tiny fragment of Real Work Knowledge did reduce dramatically the baseline level of mechanical suffering world-wide, this modern system, as it is being presented, was/is not designed to lead to an increase in one's Level of Being.  Without the complementary development in one's Level of Being, even the best Work Knowledge begins to chase its own tail.

Even the most rudimentary breakdown of the symbol into its three basic parts remains unknown to just about everybody.

Just as in life, most everyone only knows how it feels to travel along the line of time, endlessly walking in predescribed circles along the circumference of this ancient sign/symbol.

The following three diagrams, aspects of psycho-spiritual sleep and aspects of an awakening student teach how these simple component parts:

In The Beginning . . . Enneagram

Psycho/Spiritual Sleep:    


Body=Egotism; Subjective Reality. "I am awake and aware of myself. I know what I am doing and That what I am doing is right."


Heart=Egotism masquerading as genuine emotions. All negative and habitual emotions such as self-righteousness.


Mind=Egotism masquerading as thoughts, ie. attitudes, habits, associations, formatory mind, projection as perception.


Advanced Enneagram Workbook #49a
Sojourner Pass Press, copyright 1995

In sharp contrast to the simple breakdown of the Enneagram into its component parts is the following advanced Work Enneagram diagram

Every seasoned, sincere student of the work should be able to ferret out the salient spiritual principles by merely applying every shred of Work Knowledge they already know. 

Aspects of Awakening:


Body becomes primary focus for Self-Observations.


Auto-Emotional responses begin to become contained as well as transformed into will and presence.


Formatory thinking begins to become transformed into the act of Self-Remembering. Mind begins to become the conscious servant of : The Word/Logos/Spirit/Christ Consciousness/Real I.


Advanced Enneagram Workbook, #49b
Sojourner Pass Press, copyright 1995

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