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Stairs As always, I would like to begin by thanking everyone who sent so many thoughtful and encouraging emails. Your comments and suggestions were greatly appreciated.

As I travel the Fourth Way, worldwide cyber community, I am struck by both the quantity as well as the quality of Fourth Way websites. There is enough Real Objective Fourth Way Knowledge, on the web, to wake anyone up twice, assuming of course, that all that it took to awaken was mere knowledge alone.

Because so many Fourth Way/Work sites address the aims as well as the attributes of the left brain, (verbal, rational, Adamic mind), I decided to pour some much-needed water on the aims and attributes of the right brain, (images, Eve). It is not uncommon for a student of the Work to underestimate the innate value of getting one's "Eve" onboard. Without the "agreement" from one's emotional nature/right brain, the Fourth Way student frequently ends up trying to proceed forward while one foot remains firmly nailed to the floor.

While attempting to teach Work principles through images, I have also focused upon using the bane of all psycho/spiritual well being, the faculty of imagination, in order to heighten and intensify the students' abilities to wake up. Because our minds respond to requests, presenting the "right questions," prompts our minds to hand us a nearly endless fount of Work grace and insights.

People have asked why the Sojourner Institute site is so large. This site is a source for course materials utilized by various Work students worldwide. While there remains the spiritual admonishment to not teach the masses, my experience has been that the opposite of "you cannot teach the masses" is equally true. I find myself agreeing with Dostoevsky in The Grand Inquisitor, when Dostoevsky states that most people do not want to be saved. My experience has been that you cannot give this stuff away. As a result, I tend to present what I have learned and to wait for those few souls with the eyes that see as well as the ears that hear, to digest what's been presented and to apply it towards themselves.

Shirra Meiklejohn-Wilson, M.A.R.

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