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 Shirra Meiklejohn-Wilson
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Table of Contents


  1. Snippets from the Ouspensky Collection at Yale


  2. Fourth Way Bits and Pieces

    Fourth Way

  3. Greco-Esoteric Christian, Fourth Way Articles

    Greco-Esoteric Christian
    1. Excerpts from the Dynamics of the Cave
    2. Plato, Parables and Paradox

  4. Esoteric Psychology

    1. We are not alone
    2. You are what you eat
    3. Sacrifice, sacrifice until you get what you want
    4. Your level of being attracts your life
    5. The idle rich
    6. Momentum
    7. The see-saw syndrome
    8. Where's the power?
    9. Knowledge versus Realization
    10. Projection
    11. The past as illusion
    12. Discounting and dismissing
    13. Who are we beyond the background of our lives?
    14. Everyone acts from their own sense of the good
    15. Pondering Paradoxes

  5. Being in the Work

    1. Excerpts from the Work Life
    2. Always point North
    3. Notes and observations

  6. Cosmology


  7. Esoteric Christianity

    Prodigal Son
    1. God as a good idea
    2. How to tell if you are asleep
    3. Temptation
    4. Good and Evil
    5. Sheep and the Wolf
    6. How to find Eve
    7. Solomon's Seal

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