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Sojourner Institute Presents: The Paramount Lectures

Paramount Lecture Series Shirra Meiklejohn-Wilson, MAR

Complete Lecture Series - $125.00

A 16-point course on how life lessons
are digested and integrated into the human psychology.

The "Paramount Lectures" represent a sixteen-point study of private recollections on how and when Ms. Meiklejohn-Wilson realized specific lessons of the Work. We all remember moments, in our lives, when studying a particular subject, course or project, the lesson entered our psychology on a deeper level. The feeling of knowing is unmistakable and cherished forever. Gurdjieff was fond of stating: "Man is his own punishment." This pronouncement may sound harsh, until we plumb the depths of our habits, attitudes and resistance, discovering the truth of his words. The Paramount Lectures extends a wealth of personal discoveries as Ms. Meiklejohn-Wilson talks about lessons learned, good and evil, the price one pays for the privilege, the freedom and glory of enlightenment.

Meet Shirra Meiklejohn-Wilson, MAR
Ms. Meiklejohn- Wilson has traveled her own inner, psychological territory, beginning with a classic, expansive, numinous Vision in 1976. That moment was the start of a lifelong journey toward spiritual development and her immersion into a 4,000 year-old discipline called The Fourth Way; sometimes known simply as "The Work."

Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, she continued her ecumenical studies at Yale Divinity School, graduating with a Masters of Arts in Religion in 1987. Volunteering at Brandford Hospice, while acquiring a clinical pastoral education at the University of Connecticut, Ms. Meiklejohn-Wilson entered into a career of private practice, counseling individuals, both in the fields of crisis and spiritual awakening.

In 1985 Ms. Meiklejohn-Wilson founded the Spiritual Development Guild in Connecticut and became it's director for the next ten years, transferring the school to North Carolina in 1990. Spiritual Development Guild was created as a Fourth Way School of personal development, utilizing the teachings of esoteric Christianity, sacred psychology and Fourth Way principles and precepts. Not long after arriving in North Carolina, Ms. Meiklejohn-Wilson became the court-appointed offender counselor for Polk County.

While living in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and raising her four children, Ms. Meiklejohn-Wilson organized the Sojourner Institute, incorporating the Sojourner Pass Community, a tenacre estate where students attend classes, participate in sacred dance, collective activities and intensives, conducted in the Fourth Way tradition. Ms. Meiklejohn-Wilson also established the Sojourner Pass Press, publishing Fourth Way textbooks, pamphlets, newsletters and articles based on Work knowledge.

Ms. Meiklejohn-Wilson is a modern-day mystic who has been teaching The Fourth Way discipline since the 1980's, documenting her experiences, revelations and lectures, every step of the way, via a series of illuminating discourses on CDs.


Man Is His Own Punishment
The Garden of Eden
Second Force As Positive Input
SMW's Lessons Learned Part - I
SMW's Lessons Learned Part - II
Subjective/Objective Consciousness
Good and Evil Real
The Work Itself

What You Are Up Against: Within/Without Part - I
What You Are Up Against: Within/Without Part - II
What You Are Up Against: Within/Without Part - III
The Price
Real Objective Knowledge Part - I
Real Objective Knowledge Part - II

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