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General Aims and Exercises
  1. For a full week:

    Hear no evil
    See no evil
    Speak no evil
    Self-observe results

  2. Walden Pond Aim:
    For one week, each day, pick a different spot and self-observe results:

    1. Close eyes, listen to and hear the sounds of nature.

    2. Open eyes; see how many shades of colors, for example, green and brown, you can find.

    3. How many insects can you discover?

    4. Close eyes. How many scents can you smell?

    5. Pick an object: observe the object for a half hour. How many new levels of perception can you discover?

    6. Close eyes. Feel the feeling of nature upon your entire body.

    7. Take an object. Feel it in your hands and then place the object on five other parts of your body. How does the same object feel differently?

    8. Close eyes. Feel the space around you and imagine it as part of a greater whole. Self-observe results.

    9. Find an object in it's potential, for instance, a bud.
      Find an object in the process of generation, like a blossom.
      Find an object in its actual form; a fruit
      Find an object in the process of decay
      Find a dead object
      Immerse yourself in the wisdoms of the process involved. Self-observe results.

    10. Place a person next to the image of a plant (roots, shoots, flowers) Compare and contrast their characteristics.

  3. Switch Identification Aim:

    Switch your everyday identifications. Go from Democratic to Republican or from Catholic to Jewish or from liberal to conservation, young to old, feminine to male, etc. Argue at length, from both of the various opposing viewpoints. Self-observe results.

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